The Next Step is a group of classes meant to connect you to the heart and soul of Hillside. In The Next Step, you connect with leaders and pastors in a personal and casual setting. The classes are a great opportunity for visitors and potential members to hear more about the core values and doctrines of the church and also ask questions. It is a great time to learn, connect and grow with one another. 

Finding Jesus: This class is offered the first Sunday of every month right after service. It is aimed at answering questions for new believers and those interested in becoming members. 


Following Jesus: This is a 5 week discipleship class that meets every Sunday at 9:30 am. You can jump in to a class at any time. 

Committing to Jesus:  After completing the 5 week discipleship classes, you'll learn what it means to be a member of the local church and have the opportunity to become a member at Hillside. Membership isn't the end of a journey but a starting point. When we commit to one another as a church, we nurture the environment for transparency and growth. It is through this community that discipleship develops and our lives change. 

Serving Jesus: After membership, we want to get you plugged in to the Hillside Body in ministry or service areas. You will have the opportunity to take a gifts test and discover your unique strengths and how they can be best used. 

Community groups

Community Groups are the ways in which we connect on a deeper level and experience true authentic discipleship within the body of Christ. It is in community groups that our relationship with God is developed, challenged, and strengthened. 

Community groups take place where life takes place; in houses, back yards, coffee shops, and at kitchen tables. It is in these personal settings where we wrestle with Scripture, share our stories, and develop long lasting friendships. 

Community is life shared.

Interested in getting involved in a community group at Hillside? Click here to sign up.

Breakthrough campaign

The Breakthrough Campaign is a continued movement of the 21-Day breakthrough Prayer Campaign that we began in the summer of 2019. We committed an hour a day in prayer, meditation, and worship, believing for breakthrough! With so many breakthrough testimonies, the people wanted to continue the momentum and made the Breakthrough Campaign After Party. The hour per day is reduced to 4 hours (or more if your heart desires) per week of contending for breakthrough and revival. We noticed that as we focus on this, we are more aware of actual breakthroughs: big & small. It really is exciting like a party! 

  • Come before the Lord ready to ask, seek, & knock
  • Meditate on His Word expecting breakthrough & revival in your life, family, church, relationships. community, country, finances, the political climate, prodigals, or whatever is on your heart!. 
  • Feel free to break up your hours throughout the day & week, but make sure to get your hours in! 

We'd be delighted if you joined too!

Let's Breakthrough Together & Rejoice in His Name!

If you would like to be part of the breakthrough group message, contact Mark Stark at 831-205-8743.

Share your breakthrough thoughts and testimonies to us through social media by using the hashtag #BreakthroughsAtHillside with your posts, our group message, the form here, or by contacting Mark. 


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