The Next Step

The Next Step is a group of classes meant to connect you to the heart and soul of Hillside. In The Next Step, you connect with leaders and pastors in a personal and casual setting. The classes are a great opportunity for visitors and potential members to hear more about the core values and doctrines of the church and also ask questions. It is a great time to learn, connect and grow with one another. 

Finding Jesus: This class is offered the first Sunday of every month right after service. It is aimed at answering questions for new believers and those interested in becoming members. 


Following Jesus: This is a 5 week discipleship class that meets every Sunday at 9:30 am. You can jump in to a class at any time. 

Committing to Jesus:  After completing the 5 week discipleship classes, you'll learn what it means to be a member of the local church and have the opportunity to become a member at Hillside. Membership isn't the end of a journey but a starting point. When we commit to one another as a church, we nurture the environment for transparency and growth. It is through this community that discipleship develops and our lives change. 

Serving Jesus: After membership, we want to get you plugged in to the Hillside Body in ministry or service areas. You will have the opportunity to take a gifts test and discover your unique strengths and how they can be best used.