Donating to hillside

There are needs all around us, and there are plenty of credible places to give. In fact, you might think the local church is just another one of them. However, we at Hillside believe our giving isn't just about money or some kind of humanitarian effort. We believe giving is an act of worship.

God instructs, through the Bible, to give regularly, generously and sacrificially out of all that He gives us-all as part of our worship of Him. What an appropriate response to who He is and all He has done. It's an expression of gratitude, obedience and reverence.

But, why give money to the church? Because it's "the right thing to do?" or, it's a good tax write off? God needs it? The church expects it?

Well, to put it simply, it's a Biblical principle that will impact your life.

What we do with what we have directs our heart. The Church is His plan, through Jesus, to reconcile the world to Himself. To bring healing through relationships, and to support and encourage one another. We give to advance the gospel and the Kingdom of God. 

 We give thankfully, because God is first generous towards us by His grace (Psalm 24:1-6, Romans 5:8).

 We give sacrificially, because God develops our hearts as we do  (Matthew 25:19-21).

 We give obediently, because we are managers and not owners (Matthew 6:19-20).

 We give faithfully, to participate in God's work in our neighborhoods and around the world (2 Cor. 9:6-15). 

 We give joyfully, as those to whom much has been given (2 Cor. 9:6-15).

Whether you're a new or longtime follower of Jesus, you're invited to join in on the adventure of a generous life.  

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Together we can build

"So they said, 'Let us rise up and build.' Then they set their hands to this good work." Nehemiah 2:18b

We know buildings don't change lives, God's love does. As people are drawn into His love, we want to provide an atmosphere that invites them into His presence. We desire to offer an environment that is both visually and spiritually impactful. 

When you being to rebuild, it goes much deeper than a building. It is an illustration and expression of the promise of God for his people. This is a season of faith to believe God is going to continue to rebuild our lives as we rebuild His house. This is a time of preparation, of purpose and a time to walk in faith with expectancy. 

There will be three phases to this remodel:

Phase 1: The Sanctuary-Completed June 2016

Phase 2A: Relocating & Updating Nursery and Preschool Ministry Rooms- Completed August 2017

Phase 2B: Enlarging the Lobby, Creating Centralized Gathering Space & Cafe.

Praying the Vision:

Pray God would continue to draw the lost to our church.

Pray for finances. 

Pray for unity as we build together. 

Pray blessing and favor for our landlord Dennis.

Pray God would enlarge our faith to allow for big things to happen.

Pray against any opposition that would come in the form of discouragement, fear and lack of motivation.

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